Things Freelancers Should Do to Screen Potential Employers Online

21 July 2017

For some salaried workers, "freelancing" or "freelance job" is a dream job. It provides more flexibility with no predetermined schedules, no clocking in or out required, no need to follow meticulous policies and guidelines of the company, and freelancers can enjoy the full freedom to choose when or where to work. Being able to work on a comfy couch at home or working at a coffee shop can be very fulfilling for those who love freedom and flexibility. It's not a big surprise anymore to see office workers becoming a freelancer.

Even then, being a freelancer is not easy for beginners. It means more responsibilities because you will have to do the work and make decisions alone. It involves dealing with employers, presenting your work online, as well as negotiating for a contract. You will surely need to maintain a constant amount of income each month. This requires a great deal of financial planning on your part as well as being able to screen potential employers that are trustworthy. All this requires your ability to make good decisions.

There are many existing websites that offers jobs for freelancers in Thailand and abroad. Different projects are listed on the website, which will also show the jobs available. In order to make an informed decision when choosing an employer to make sure you get the right job and that you will get paid once work is completed, you should start by selecting a trustworthy website that has been operating for quite awhile. You can start by searching the information yourself or find more information from others who has used the website.

When you found a website with online jobs for freelancers, you can start screening the projects from employers. You may need to do some basic research about the company posting the job to see if the company exists. This can be easily done through the search engine to find the company's address, year of establishment, or other information.

The last step is signing the contract to seal the job. Designil.com, an online teaching channel for designer field, recommended tips on how the best practice for writing a contract for freelance job. A contract document outlines the scope of work between the freelancer and the employer. The important point that needs to be specified in the contract includes duration of the job, payment, incomplete work, and the right to your work. Freelancing is not difficult, but freelancers should keep in mind these key points to find the right job, trustworthy companies, and get paid without worry.