3 Hot Hit YouTube Channels for Your Workout at Home

21 July 2017

No time to hit the gym? Having fast speed Internet allows you to do different activities at home including exercise. You can pick your favorite workout plan to lose weight made by professional trainers on Youtube and start your personal weight loss program today. Jump starts your workout with Yoga or even cardio exercise if you're feeling for some challenges. Let's take a look at these popular Youtube channels to get you started.

Six Packs Shortcuts
For those who have less time and need a shortcut, Mike Chang has some awesome ideas for getting the six packs in "Six Packs Shortcuts" video. Currently, his channel received more than 3.5 million subscribers. His videos emphasize body weights exercise, so you don't really need any equipment.

Fitness Blender
Daniel and Kelly is host for this exercise channel on Youtube. This duo is all about giving easy to do workout steps for both men and women. The highlight for this video is that it shows the burned calories on the right side of the screen throughout the session. So you'll always be updated on how much calories you are burning. This channel has over 400 clips and has received almost 2.5 million subscribers.

This last channel is especially made for the ladies with Jamie Easan, personal trainer and model, as the host. Bodybuilding.com is one of the websites that sells sport equipment and nutrition for healthy living. It received the most number of visitors per day in the world. In 2014, statistics showed as much as 1 million visitors a day.

This fitness model is only 39 years old. She was a cheerleader in the NFL American Football and had won the World's Fittest Model competition. If you're just starting out, you can learn the basic exercise position, the type of food and menus recommended to stay healthy and build your body muscles.