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What is speed change service for your lifestyle?


This service allows you to get the best home internet speed for your household lifestyle. You only need to choose your lifestyle and we will give you a dedicated bandwidth as well as adjust the right speed for that lifestyle, giving you lag-free connection as well as faster speed. For example, if you have 1,000/500 Mbps package and decided to choose Streaming lifestyle, we will give you a dedicated bandwidth with 700/300 Mbps speed for watching movies, series, or online videos streaming and 300/200 Mbps for other general use.

Do I have to pay extra to use this service?


If you have our internet package with 1,000/500 Mbps speed, there are no extra charges to use this service.

How do I use the speed change service?


You can use this service on the TrueOnline website. Go to menu Speed Change Service, then select "Choose your lifstyle", and select "Start now".

How can I use this service if I use other packages lower than 1,000/500 Mbps?


You can upgrade your speed to 1,000/500 Mbps by buying an extra package click here

Can I switch to other lifestyles whenever I want?


You can switch to other lifestyles for up to 5 times a day.

How can I switch back to my original speed?


You can select "General use" to back to your original speed, which means you will no longer have a dedicated bandwidth for a specific lifestyle you chose.