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What is the MNP?

  • MNP takes 2 working days to switch carrier of your number after you received a PIN code.

Why MNP exists?

  • The NBTC determines to make the switching carrier process faster and easier. This is why the NBTC has requested all carriers to follow the same procedures as follows:

  • Customer must dial *151*Thai ID number # from mobile phone to get a PIN code
  • Customer present 8 digit pin code to new carrier within 24 hours after SMS is received

What are the processes involved during 2 working days?

  • The first day is for starting the process with the new carrier, while the second day is when your number switched over and activated with the new carrier.

How can I request for the PIN code?

  • You can get the PIN code by dialing *151* Thai ID no. # from the mobile phone you wish to switch carrier. It will take 10 minutes to verify your request.

Can I switch carrier without requesting for a PIN code?

  • From January 20, 2017 onwards, if the customer doesn't request for a PIN code from existing carrier, then their number cannot switch to a new carrier.

Can I use other mobile numbers to request for a PIN code?

  • No, only the mobile number switching to a new carrier can be used to request for a PIN code.

How can I request for PIN Code if I am a foreigner?

  • You can get the PIN code by sending your passport number via SMS to 4444151

If I accidentally deleted the SMS PIN code, how can I get it back?

  • You can dial *151*Thai ID no. # and the same PIN code will be sent to you.

Why the PIN code expires in 1 day?

  • The process for switching carrier will be faster or within 2 working days from the day you request for the PIN code. If you wait for too long to complete the process, you may have other problems such as new outstanding balance or your number maybe temporarily deactivated.

What can I do if I got rejected after requesting for a PIN code?

  • You should find out the requirements you didn't pass and resolve the issue with your current carrier. Then, you can request for the PIN code again.

Does having a PIN code means I have successfully switched to a new carrier?

  • Yes, if during this time you did not cancel the request or take any special promotions from your current carrier.