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Gain insights on the status of your assets for better business operation. This way, you’ll be able to react immediately to unexpected changes and market opportunities. We can help you deploy the right solutions to meet your growing demands.

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Smart Transport

Proactively improve logistic decisions and delivery performance with complete control of your fleet.

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SIM management

Control all connected devices quickly.

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Mobile Digital Video Recording

Never lose sight of all activities inside your vehicle and ensure safe travel through in-vehicle surveillance system.

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Smart Home

Provide comfort and protection for your home with cutting-edge security and technology.

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Low-Powered SIM Card

A new generation of SIM card for mass deployment of IoT devices that saves power and operational cost.

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Cow Behavior and Health Monitoring

Drive growth for your dairy and beef cattle farm with progressive ear-tag sensor system that helps looking after your cows from day to day.

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