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Communication Solutions

Better Voice & Collaboration

Empower the way your teams collaborate and stay in touch with business contacts around the world with our cost-effective solutions. Our tools can help you manage incoming and outgoing phone calls for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Office & Mobile Phones Solutions

Enhance internal and external communication to improve overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Single Line Office Phone Corporate Office Phone
Internal Communication Tool

Application for secured communication and workspace for the whole organization

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Employee Attendance Recorder

Keep track of your employee time clock, leave of absence, and customize how much they work.

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Company-Employee Co-pay

Better manage corporate-paid package for employee talk and data.

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Service & Delivery Confirmation

Stay informed upon successful delivery or service provided to your customers.

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Portable Business WiFi

Gain internet access around the world at affordable price.

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Total Business Mobility

Let customers contact you while you're on the go or at your desk with a single phone number.

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Customer Support Tool

Better serve and meet your customers' expections during their stay.

Hotels Hospitals
Enterprise Chatbot

Provide instant customer support and better target customers with promotions on different online marketing channels.

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