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Thai Smile Airways Co., Ltd.

True offers a customized total solution and designed Thai Smile Airways’ entire communication infrastructure to serve their business needs. The solution provides unlimited phone calls within the group to reduce the company’s maintenance costs and keeps the budget in control. The internet connection and WiFi services allow reliable access to secured applications. Our large data centers and security measures help reduce investment costs for equipments and building rentals. Moreover, the company relies on True’s professional call center to reduce human resources.

Onyx Hospitality Group

With 44 branches operating in 8 Asian countries under Amari, Ozo, and Shama brand, Onyx has to maintain its competitiveness in the service industry by embracing innovations and internet technologies. This is why the group chose the Smart Back of House Management, a mobile application solution, from True Business in order to improve communication between room service attendants and guest service center. Thanks to the solution, room service requests can be served at a much faster pace thereby promoting guests' satisfaction.

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